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Tom Shand



My interest in working with the human body began when I started massage therapy and teaching group fitness twenty years ago. I then trained as a Rolfing practitioner and started training in Anatomy in Motion (AIM) which focus’s on our walking alignment.

I pride myself on the therapeutic relationship I build with clients, which grants me the privilege of learning how they use their bodies and what is important to them because movement and function are integral to life and well-being.

My practice involves a combination of both manual therapy and exercise-based therapy. Over many years of personal and professional experience, I have developed a keen interest in sports performance and injury prevention. Through a detailed functional assessment focused on mobility, I aim to build a sustainable change that supports each individual and returns them to doing what they love.

Whether weekend sports or working around the house, I support each individual to get back to doing what they love as effectively as possible.


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If you haven’t seen osteopath before and you are not 100% sure if I am the right person for you, why not send us a message with your inquiry.’

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